About Alpha Security

Alpha Security is an owner-driven and managed company started with only 29 guards in 1999 and has now grown to one of the biggest security companies in KwaZulu-Natal. We currently employ over 900 guards and have 140 vehicles deployed. Alpha Security is run according to a strict disciplinary code. Alpha follows a “No nonsense” policy. All guards are registered with PSIRA and receive the correct numeration. Most senior and middle management is ex- SADF or SAP members. Since establishment, Alpha Security has grown significantly in cleint base and size, notwithstanding a policy of limited advertising. Our best advertisement is our clients and ninety percent of the work we get is through referrals from satisfied clients.

Alpha’s headquarters are situated in Hluhluwe with Supervisors stationed in all of the area’s where we work. Our area of operation includes the whole north coast of KZN and inland to Vryheid, Melmoth, Eshowe, Mtunzini and Pietermaritzburg.
We have appointed a very active marketing team that is working very actively in the area. We have developed a farm protection system over the past few years that we have successfully implemented in various areas. We are currently doing in the region of 700 000 ha of rural security.

Before any deployment of guards in an area, a detailed area study is done where aerial photographs and the crime history of an area is used to plan the operation with military precision.

Farm Protection
We have developed a farm protection system over the past few years that has been successfully implemented in the Highflats, Umhlali, Pongola and Hluhluwe areas. Alpha Security believes in a pro-active approach to security.

Hluhluwe Success
Alpha Security believes in a pro-active approach to security. The Hluhluwe area is a good example of an area where this approach has been very successful. Hluhluwe and surrounding areas have one of the lowest crime rates in KZN. This is achieved by very good information system combined with a pro-active approach to crime from Alpha Security side. Alpha is used by various organizations to assist in drawing up area protection plans involving all sectors in a community.

Tendele Coal Mining
The Tendele Coal Mining (Pty) Ltd is a good example of an operation where this approach has been very successful. Alpha Security has supplied security services for Tendele Coal Mine from start up in 2005. The mine has a series of open pits and two coal processing plants, fully operational 365 days of the year. Total number of mine employees is 388. The security contingent consists of 61 personnel and 4 vehicles.

The Intelligence gathering capability of Alpha Security at the mine has led to significant successes which enable mine management to be pro-active in crime prevention and labour matters. The contract for the provision of security services to Sappi Forests (Pty) Ltd, KwaZulu-Natal for 250 000 hectares of plantations was awarded to Alpha Security in January 2010. The security contingent for this contract consists of a manager and 55 personnel with 10 vehicles operating from our offices in Pietermaritzburg. Sappi management frequently commend Alpha for the excellent work performance in protecting their assets and supplying early warning in respect of labour issues.

As we believe in an information-based system, we work closely with other security organizations like the SAPS, SANDF and other intelligence organizations. We possess an extended information network that often sees the criminal arrested before the crime is committed. As communication is vital for a well-organized operation Alpha Security became a registered radio dealer. We have radio and data repeaters that cover 95% of our operational area.

Alpha Group has embarked on a community involvement program where we get involved with the local CPF’s and assist them and the community in the fight against crime.

Polygraph tests are a condition of employment and all new employees are tested before employment. In case of any problem on a site we test our guards to ensure they are not involved with any criminal activity.

Client Services
We offer our clients the following services:

• Asset protection through a range of guarding options.
• Alarm installation, monitoring and armed response.
• The whole range of electronic security options. From electric fencing to CCTV.
• Assessing security needs for clients.
• Vehicle monitoring and tracking
• Supply of security equipment.

Some of our clients include the following:
• Zulu Nyala (Lodge security, Access control and APU)
• Browns Cash and Carry (Massmart Group)
• Ballito Estates (Property Managers)
• Spar Group